Saturday, June 21, 2008

2006 Arbor Yinhao Tuocha (Year of Green Puerh)

Premium Arbor Silver Buds Tuocha

This is a small tuocha made of raw materials from Mengku, Lincang area. The infused liquor is very aromatic and has a pretty and clear golden color. Good sweetness and a light pungency go nicely hand in hand.

Vintage 2006

Factory Kunming Chuncheng Tea Factory

Form Tuocha

Genre Shen/Green/un-Cooked/Unfermented

Typical Weight 50 g

  • Model: Yinhao tuocha - 6111
  • Manufactured by: Chuncheng Tea Factory

Phoenix Top Grade Tuocha

My thoughts:

Boiling Rinse 15sec then waited 60sec
1st Infusion - 12sec
2nd Infusion - 10sec
3rd Infusion - 15sec
4th Infusion - 20sec

5th Infusion - 20sec

6th Infusion - 65sec

7th Infusion - 60sec

8th Infusion - 120sec

This is my first puerh having first thing in the morning. The scent of the wet leaves was the normal beautiful light floral scent. The first cup's color was light amber with a little bit of cloudiness.

Taste: At first was very astringent and mildly sweet. This sheng has a nice and smooth aftertaste.

QI - The feeling of sitting back from myself.

This is my first having 8 servings all the way through. By the time the 8th serving came, the flavor had left and didn't say goodbye.

In conclusion, this is one of the best sheng I have tasted to date. These tuocha's are affordable and delicious. What are you doing reading this still? Go get some of this goodness.

Rating: 8/10

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John Grebe said...

Nice, glad to see that that tuocha treated you a lot better than it did me.